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We have over forty years of experience in industrial ventilation, production of centrifugal fans, axial fans, roof extractors, industrial fans and accessories for extraction.

Complast offers tailored production of specific storage systems for liquids, including corrosive ones.

These plants can be designed with all types of tanks and basins, produced by our company, and are suitable both for production processes and for the treatment of waste water intended for purification processes. Our experience and expertise allow us to provide customized solutions to meet different needs and ensure maximum reliability and safety of our storage facilities. The quality of the materials ensures resistance to corrosive substances, protecting the integrity of the liquid stored and helping to preserve the surrounding environment.

We are proud to offer innovative solutions in the liquid handling sector and are ready to take on new challenges to meet the needs of our customers.

We are pleased to offer our customers a complete “turnkey” service for all the storage facilities we build.

This means that we supply complete, ready-to-use solutions, including all components required for optimal and safe operation.

Each storage facility is equipped with pipes and systems for the transport or transfer of the stored liquids to the manufacturing processes or final uses. Furthermore, we supply all the electrical and electronic automation parts necessary for the efficient control and management of the system. We make sure to install security and alarm systems to ensure trouble-free operation and to prevent any risks.

Our goal is to provide complete and reliable solutions for our customers, facilitating the implementation and use of storage facilities in a safe and regulatory compliant manner.

With turnkey service, we take care of everything from design to installation to ensure efficient delivery and a hassle-free experience for our customers.

Impianto stoccaggio e dosaggio Cloruro Ferrico complast

Chloride storage and dosing plant

Impianto stoccaggio oli esausti mc. 350

Chloride storage and dosing plant

Some acid storage systems made by COMPLAST 79

impianto stoccaggio lattice mc. 70
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Impianto stoccaggio e distribuzione Cloruro Ferrico (2)
Serbatoio PRFV cilindrico orizzontale COMPLAST
Impianto stoccaggi-dosaggio
Impianto stoccaggio e distribuzione Cloruro Ferrico  (3)