Lavorazioni materie plastiche

Tanks in

Design and construction of tanks in PP, PVC, PVDF, PVC-C, PRFV tanks for industry.

The tanks made of resin and reinforced with glass fiber (GRP) constitute a family of materials with exceptional characteristics that are now indispensable for the processing, storage and transport of highly corrosive liquids. These are composite materials, thus defined as the union of two distinct elements, generally resins and reinforcing fibers, which determine the characteristics: The polyester resin, matrix of the compound, is responsible for the chemical, electrical and thermal characteristics; the glass fiber is the reinforcement that provides the structure with mechanical resistance.

The internal chemical resistant barrier is obtained with “C” glass veil and high chemical resistant polyester resin, above which a structure is created obtained by winding continuous and crossed threads (filament winding) according to angles calculated with the involvement of the bases, giving to the structure a high mechanical resistance, for the external finishing glass type “C” or “E” impregnated with resins resistant to atmospheric agents is used.

The most immediate advantages obtained with this type of tank are: high chemical resistance, high mechanical resistance associated with low weight (about ¼ of that of steel), high service life with low maintenance, high electrical insulation with high levels of resistance to galvanic corrosion and stray currents, excellent thermal insulation given the low thermal conductivity.

serbatoi in pp da 20000 litri per stoccaggio sostanze chimiche

20.000Lt pp tank

Some tanks in PP, PVC, PVDF, PVC-C made by Complast79

serbatoio in pp carrellato in ferro
serbatoi in pp con scala graduata e tubo di raccordo in pp
serbatoi in pp con scala graduata e tubo di raccordo in pp
Serbatoi in PRFV
Serbatoi  in  PP
Serbatoi  PP + PRFV
Serbatoi in PP